We can give a successful resolution most quickly to incidents with a brief but thorough description of the problem. Please be prepared to describe the problem you are encountering in detail; including the following will help us aid you:
  • all steps that were taking before the problem occurred, even assumed steps (e.g., I turned the device on)
  • screen shots, pictures, or other graphical representations of problems or error messages where possible
  • if the problem occurs when using a particular piece of software or online service, please include the name and version
  • steps you have tried to resolve the problem, such as restarting the program, restarting the computer/printer, etc.
  • when the issue was first noticed and if/when it has been addressed by IT staff before
  • others near you who may be noticing the same issue
  • any near-term deadline or event impacted by the issue.
Submitting a Support Request by Email
To submit an incident report by email, please send it to networkhelp@tabor.edu. It will be processed by our ticket system, SysAid, and you will receive an automated reply indicating your email was received. We will respond within six business hours (M-F 8-12, 1-5).
Stop by the IST Office
We are in the lower level of Lohrenz (main administrative building) on the northwest end. Our hours are M-F 8-12, 1-5.
Call Us 
The Help Desk local extension is 1010; if calling from off-campus, call 620-947-3121 and extension 1010 at the prompt. Hours are M-F 8-12, 1-5.
Service Agreement
Emails will be read and responded to within six business hours of receipt. For faster service, please call or drop by if you are on the Hillsboro campus. Beginning August 26, 2013, the Help Desk will be staffed during all business hours. We strive to be physically present, but if we are away helping others, we will leave a sign letting you know our anticipated time of return; if you do not reach us by phone, please leave a message for the fastest service.
Thank you.