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The Institutional Review Board (IRB) serves the academic community by approving any research on the Tabor campus that involves human or other vertebrate subjects.  This simply means that if you interview, survey, or elicit responses from people or vertebrates for the purpose of a research project, you need to apply to the IRB for approval.  The IRB seeks to ensure that minimal harm occurs to human subjects and that minimal suffering is inflicted on other vertebrate species during the research process and that the privacy of the research subjects is protected.

If you are planning on doing a research project for a class or an office unit, you need to apply to the IRB.  You may complete the application located in the Research Forms portlet, and submit it to Dr. Andrew Sensenig, IRB Chair.  If you have additional questions you may ask any of the IRB Committee.  For 2014-2015 the committee members are:  Dr. Aleen Ratzlaff, Dr. David Loewen, and Dr. Frank Johnson.

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Some sample statements for various types of Informed Consent are available from this central site.  Note the purple links at the left.